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Hydro Seeding in Hampton, NH

Hydro seeding (otherwise known as hydra seeding hydraulic mulch, hydro mulching, seeding) is the process that uses what’s known as slurry of mulch and seed. This technique is often used for erosion control on construction or residential properties in replacement to traditional approaches of sowing dry seed or broadcasting.


If you are looking to plant on a large surface area, hydro seeding will be completed in a very small amount of time. Hydro seeding is efficient and effective for sloping lawns or hillsides to assist in erosion control and quick planting. hydro seeding normally can cost less than planting with sod; however it is typically more than broadcast seeding. Your results can be fast with high germination. This will produce lawn growth in as short as a week, mowing can begin anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks from when the Hydro Seed was applied. Fiber mulch speeds up the growing process by keeping moisture around the seeds. This increases your rate of germination.

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